A recent article summarized the crème de la crème of luxury rides. While there was nothing too shocking about the stalwart Mercedes S Class being named to the top spot, there were some other surprises among the top entries.

The Winner: Mercedes S Class

The Mercedes S Class can trace its origins all the way back to the 1970s, although a slightly different naming schema was used in those days. The model was the first car ever to incorporate antilock braking way back in the mid-‘70s. And it has remained the absolute vanguard of automotive technology ever since. The S Class has not only defined the standard for luxury cars, it has consistently been ahead of the mainstream auto market by about a decade.

For 2018, the S Class continues its leadership in terms of both technology and performance, providing a driver experience and level of comfort that may be matched but can hardly be surpassed. The vehicle features the ability to drive itself on a limited basis as well as one of the finest interiors of any car on the road. It also conveys the prestige that only a top-of-the-line Mercedes can.

#2 – Range Rover

In recent years, Range Rover has made a huge comeback. The SUV, which previously had a bad reputation for poor reliability, has largely fixed the quality problems that had plagued prior generations of the model. Today’s Range Rover is powerful, capable, and features the most luxurious and well-designed interior of any SUV on the road.

#3 – Jaguar I-Pace

The first all-electric vehicle from Jaguar is proving to be a serious challenger to Tesla’s lower-end models. The I-Pace is powerful, with more than 400 hp, and it can go over 200 miles on a charge.

#4 – Tesla Model S

The Tesla flagship model continues to define the electric market at the high end. The S features a 415 hp motor that can go nearly 400 miles on a single charge. It is powerful, handles well, and features an interior to rival top-end Mercedes.

#5 – Audi A8

Finally, the Audi A8 makes the list even as the model continues to suffer from a conspicuously aging exterior. The A8 is the only car on the list with full self-driving capability. And the somewhat outdated exterior belies the technology-packed cabin, which makes it one of the most pleasurable cars on the list to drive.