Drivers the world over dream about a car they would love to own. Some prefer elite luxury models. Others lust over the thought of owning a powerful muscle sports car. There are a number of unique vehicles destined to make showroom floors in 2019.


Aston Martin DBS Superleggera

The gorgeous, sport lines of the exterior are matched by the impeccable interior that features leather and Alcantra seats. The 5.2-liter turbocharged V12 engine easily delivers 715 horsepower and is combined with an equally impressive eight-speed automatic transmission. The Aston Martin goes from zero to 62 mph in a mere 3.4 seconds. The Superleggera also boasts a top speed rating of 211 mph. The car rolls on 21-inch rims covered by high-performance Pirelli tires that are designed to enhance overall performance.


Audi A8

The luxury sedan features a leather and wood-trimmed interior along with a virtual instrumentation cockpit. Dual touchscreens provide access to the infotainment system. Upgrade options include a heated console and armrests, and a dual-tablet entertainment system to the delight of the rear occupants. You can also get high-tech rear seats that recline and offer a soothing massage in addition to having adjustable head and footrests. The V6 engine has hybrid technology. The electronic technology options also enable owners to park and move the vehicle remotely.


Bentley Continental GT

The latest Bentley models offer luxury and performance. The GT coupe contains a 6-liter W12 engine that delivers 626 horsepower and goes from zero to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds. The Bentley also has a top speed rating of 207 mph. The four-seat GT interior surrounds the occupants in elegant comfort thanks to the leather upholstery, wood trim, and black gloss finish. The vehicle also has a long list of customization options.


BMW M850i xDrive

After being off the market for two decades, the 8 Series coupe reemerges. The updated headlights feature LED and laser technology while being appealingly slender. The interior features leather-trimmed seats with sporty contrast stitching. The 4.4-liter, V8 engine provides 530 horsepower that enables the M850i to go from zero to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds. Other impressive standards include all-wheel-drive and self-parking. Options include the carbon-fiber and reinforced roof that lightens the car’s overall weight and reduces its center of gravity. For heightened performance, choose the specially-designed racing suspension.