Shiva Narayan

Director, E World Holdings

Property Investment

Shiva Narayan, of E World Holdings, is the Director of the company that focuses on property investment and is located in Malaysia.

Shiva Narayan, the Director of E World Holdings, has a personal skillset in investments, development, brokerage services, and property and asset management. Shiva of E World offers guidance and expertise to both individual and commercial real estate properties, exhibiting a vast array of knowledge among large and small investors.

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

-Benjamin Franklin

Together, both Shiva and Troy Narayan have reformed and completely transformed undeveloped land and underused, inefficient properties all across the world into promising, sustainable assets to the surrounding community. In order to deliver a superior return, the E World Holdings team evaluates each property from a real estate and capital market perspective gain the most value out of a given property. Each property comes with challenges and benefits but Shiva and Troy of E World Holdings utilize their critical perspective to get the maximum value out of their selected properties. As the owners of a renowned and well-regarded company, both Shiva and Troy pride themselves on integrity and transparency in business.

Apart from his career, Shiva Narayan is an avid traveler. Shiva is fortunate enough to be able to travel for his career, but he also enjoys traveling the world at his leisure. When he’s not in Venezuela or Dubai, Shiva E World is often enjoying time in both Spain and Brazil. Shiva also takes great interest in luxury vehicles. His taste in luxury cars focuses mainly on Lamborghini models. Both he and his family attend regular car shows and invest in one of a kind vehicles. Investments in rare vehicles can also prove to be an effective investment. Whether it is a property with potential or a rare vehicle that will only increase in value, Shiva Narayan is a natural investor.

Today, Shiva remains immersed in the latest real estate and architectural trends and developments. He hopes to continue to shape E World Holdings into a world-renowned property investment firm and grow from their already successful projects.